Mathematical and Universe Discoveries That Changed History

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Mathematical and Universe Discoveries That Changed History

Within its interesting collection entitled 100 discoveries that changed the course of history, the Lunwerg publishing house launches two new titles dedicated to mathematics and the universe, two topics as interesting as they are enigmatic that are explained in an entertaining and fun way, which makes these books in exciting readings. And with numerous photographs that facilitate its understanding. I wish some of us would have had these volumes years ago, so we wouldn’t have gotten so choked up by math.

The mysteries of the universe

It was not so long ago that humanity thought that the Earth was the center of the universe. Since then the pace of discoveries and new theories has multiplied exponentially and makes our understanding of the universe expand day by day. Although for every enigma we discover, three or four new ones emerge. For example: Does water flow on Mars? Where can we see the true primeval stars? What is the mysterious dark energy that governs the expansion of the universe?
In between, interesting topics that have always aroused the curiosity of humanity, such as stellar distances, the invisible universe, the speed of light, space-time, the Big Bang, the birth of the Sun, the origin of life, the birth of the Moon, the possibility of life on Mars, Supernovae, the monster stars of the Tarantula nebula (if that doesn’t arouse your curiosity, I don’t know what can do it) and up to 100 interesting topics that you can’t stop reading

And all illustrated with more than 200 spectacular photographs of space. An exciting journey to the “last frontier”

Mathematical truths

The universe will be a mystery, but like everything we know, it is subject to mathematical truths. A universal, timeless and unchangeable science. If life existed on other planets it would be very different from human life, but it is difficult to imagine a world in which 1+ 1 is not equal to 2. And it is that mathematics is everywhere, it supports all the fundamental laws of the universe. But how did we make the leap from the abacus to the theories of quantum computing. That is what this book tells us that makes mathematics enjoyable, exciting and fun, the subject that many of us choked on in school.

100 Discoveries That Changed the Course of History: Mathematics (Lunwerg) is the work of Richar Okura Elwes, PhD in mathematics, writer, professor and researcher at the University of Leeds, who collaborates in numerous scientific journals and has specialized in the dissemination of this science. And here it reveals the immutable principles of mathematics, the amazing advances of recent years and the changes that have broadened our mathematical horizons and our way of understanding the world around us.

Furthermore, mathematics holds the key to the future. They will throw up more and more answers, while new enigmas will emerge, prompting great thinkers to rise to the challenge.
A book that is an exciting journey from the bone of Ishango (22 thousand years old) that is the most surprising indication of Paleolithic mathematics (a fibula of a baboon that could be used to keep track of the lunar month or to count the days of female menstrual cycles), to Sudoku, the world’s most popular form of recreational math.

In between topics such as the Pythagorean theorem, Perfect Numbers, Kepler’s Laws, the Friendship Theorem or inverse mathematics … And also profusely illustrated, with more than 200 photographs.

Two books that will undoubtedly arouse our curiosity, the first step in solving any enigma.

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