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Mathematical and Universe Discoveries That Changed History

Mathematical and Universe Discoveries That Changed History Within its interesting collection entitled 100 discoveries that changed the course of history, the Lunwerg publishing house launches two new titles dedicated to mathematics and the universe, two topics as interesting as they are enigmatic that are explained in an entertaining and fun way, which


Brief History of Trigonometry

History of Trigonometry Brief History of Trigonometry There is no definite proof that there are two types of trigonometry, but most people think that there is. It has been said that there are five types of trigonometry. The history of trigonometric has come a long way from the first day that the


5 Examples of Linear Equations – How to Use Them

Linear Equations Has several kinds of applications. You can use them for example for solving complicated problems or for solving for different quantities in an equation. You can also use it for determining whether a person is right or left handed and some other types of measurement problems. In this article you


What is Rational and Irrational Number?

Rational and Irrational Number In Mathematics, an irrational number is a number which cannot be expressed in terms of a fraction, quotient, or any other arithmetic operation, because both p and q are irrational. Every real number can be written in terms of a fraction, an arithmetical equation, or a fraction of


How the History of the Complex Number Helps Us To Understand Numbers

There are two different areas that need to address when talking about complex numbers in life: the history of a complex number and the uses of complex number. Let’s cover the history and how to use it. People will tell you a history of this number is as old as time itself.


Practical Application Of Mathematics in Daily Life

Application Of Mathematics When it comes to the use of mathematics in society and life, one can never argue against the fact that mathematics is the foundation of our lives. Whether we’re talking about a math textbook, a test, or any other form of education, we cannot deny the fact that mathematics